Rating:  3 Bright and Shiny Stars out of 5

Book: Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Classic Collection

Published by: Bradley Poage

Genre(s): Fiction, Short-stories, Horror

Pages: 169

Format: PDF Kindle Edition

Source: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.


That’s right! This is the compilation of all of Bradley Poage’s classic horror shorts.

This will probably be the most mixed review I have ever written, so try to follow along.

First of all, Bradley Poage’s potential is literally emanating from each page of this book. It is plain to any reader that much thought goes into planning each story.  I feel that with more time and ‘practice’, Bradley will become a very successful writer.

Secondly, it was fun to read! I loved reading as each story had its own little quirk and personality.

Now, why I gave it a 3:

I found many of the stories repetitive, including plots and names. But I also acknowledge that this is a compilation, and that the stories don’t have to flow together.

I didn’t feel any connection with the character, granted these short are a few pages each, but with other short compilations I have read (Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut) there seems to be connections and relationships between characters and readers.

I was not fond of many of the shorts, and my review is based off the collection as a whole.

That said, there were many I LOVED…ahem… (Story 29, Choose Your Death)

So, in the end, I will tell my readers that it isn’t worth the time to read the entire compilation. BUT, I encourage you to seek out Poage’s individual stories, as to find the stories you may be interested in.