Rating:  5 Bright and Shiny Stars out of 5

Book: Olivia’s Choice by Taylor Grace

Published by: Smashwords Edition on December 4, 2013

Genre(s): Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

Pages: 254

Format: PDF E-copy

Source: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Summary from GoodReads 

When her boss asks her to complete a project that takes her back to the annax city, Olivia’s lifelong avoidance of the race comes to an abrupt end. The last thing she needs is the arrogant son of the annax leader as a co-worker. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what she gets. To make matters worse, the pesky tionnax, sworn annax enemies, decide to butt in and capture Olivia. They hurt her so badly that Baphrem can only save her by turning her into what she fears most, an annax. Now, Olivia has to decide: can she love the man who made her worst nightmare come true?

What a book! Okay, so as a faithful reviewer, I am going to start off by saying DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT let that synopsis influence your decision on whether or not you should by the book. It does not give this book the justice it deserves!

Gah! I have so much to say about this book! **Warning- Long Review!**

Okay, so Olivia’s Choice made me want to create an award called “Prologue of the Month”. Because then I could give it straight to Taylor Grace. I have never in all my time reading, been so engrossed in a prologue. I normally want to skip prologues, but I found myself re-reading this masterpiece of an introduction 5, maybe 6 times. (Granted it is only a paragraph) 🙂

(Now that I am thinking about it, I am going to create the Prologue of the Month award…. Congrats Taylor Grace!)

Next topic I want to discuss….The author.

So I got the chance to converse with Taylor Grace through an email exchange for a while before I read her book. Which is kind of cool, because up until recently I had never spoken to an author (crazy right??). Well through the foreign and confusing language of e-mail, I immediately got the impression of this bubbly, nice, and outgoing human being. (I mean I could be 100% off, but I hope not!) Anyways, in the first 50 or so pages of Olivia’s Choice I kept drawing connections between the assumed bubbly personality of the author and the hilarious insults that the main character, Olivia, makes towards characters in the novel.

God, I really hope Taylor Grace is a nice person because I just spent a paragraph raving about her when she could end up being this anti-social,”I hate humans”, snobby woman. That would be awkward…

ANYWAYS, Olivia’s Choice was a book I could not put down! I literally spent the entire night reading it and lost countless hours of sleep because of it.  It was funny as heck. I kept laughing out loud at this feisty and awkward MC, Olivia. But the book had some serious moments as well, mix that with some super steamy scenes and we get a great book that I am proud to give 5 stars to.

To continue, why should you buy this book?

1) Incredibly well-written.

2) Super original plot! This book came with its own glossary to guide the reader through the odd yet wonderful world of the annex.

3) Your face will have a perma-smile throughout the entire book. (I can say this because I experienced it first hand) It isn’t necessarily a comedy but it has some fantastic moments.

It is just a good read. I don’t know how else to say it. You, my friends, need to just go out and read this book now because I don’t think any of you can continue on with your lives without meeting Olivia.

Til next time,