I am not going to lie. it is definitely more difficult than I could have ever imagined! So, this post is to all who are maybe just a tad curious about how an average day is for me when it comes to reviewing books.

Here is a little background:

Bam! <— that, that right there, is how instantaneous my idea to become a book blogger was. I am the type of person who loves to go all out with anything. So instead of entertaining the thought of becoming a book reviewer, or even researching it before hand, I simply went out and became one! I started advertising my blog, speaking to authors, posting reviews, all the while- learning how to become a blogger!

Now for my (semi) daily routine!

When I first wake up, no matter the time, I reach over my bedside and grab my laptop. I check my blog first, to remind myself where I left off. Then I head on over to GoodReads to check on my book groups, challenges, and to update my “Currently Reading” list. After this I check my email. THIS IS THE MOST TIME CONSUMING ACTION OF MY DAY.  I have an email dedicated specifically to authors, reviewing, and books:


It takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to read through, check, and reply to all the emails. You may be thinking, “That’s preposterous! you must be doing something wrong!” I am not. I assure you. The reason why it takes me so long to reply to email is because, simply put, I try my best to treat every email like a conversation. I adjust guidelines, and my tone of writing to each individual author. I don’t believe in copying and pasting some generic response to anyone!

The only issue with emailing so far, is that I am human. So I make mistakes…. (though I am not sure how I do it) I LOSE EMAILS! How, I mean how can you lose emails? I get responses from authors saying “How’d you enjoy the book?” and I don’t even know what book they are talking about because…. according to my “Search Mail” button there are no emails with the book I am supposed to have already read! ARGHH technology!

Okay. Okay. So the next part of my day is writing a review. I read books at night so I can write the review in morning. Reviews are always fun to write because I get to rant about books! (Coolest hobby EVER) The only unfortunate thing about reviews, are the bad ones. Especially when I have gotten to know an author! It breaks my heart to give someone I have been conversing with 2 stars!

So much goes into writing a review… Questions like

Is this a new author?

Was I, as a reader, able to grasp all the concepts the author was conveying?

Then, I have to write a review, without giving any spoilers!!! SO HARD. Create the categories, find the proper sized cover photo for the link, create tags, check for spelling and grammar issues, etc… Next, I need to post the review, then email the author that their review is posted.

My last step, is to start the next book that needs to be reviewed.

TAH DAH! I gave you, virtually, my whole day.

Til Next Time