There are more than 140 million blogs out on the internet today. Many of which produce great content, yet lack the viewership needed in order to motivate the continuation of great content. This little pickle is what MOST bloggers find themselves in. From a logical standpoint, why would bloggers continue to work hard and post new material after continuously seeing no growth in their traffic, and therefore gaining no reward for their efforts?

Well, here I am, looking to get out of the infamous rut. Looking to make a name for myself and this blog.

So the question, why should anyone follow this blog? What makes it different form the other 140 million blogs out there?

In reality, everyone is trying to become known in a world where unknown is the norm. This underlying struggle is not only true to bloggers, but also to authors. And THAT, my reader, is what makes this blog different from others. I recognize that we are all fighting the same fight, working our way into the spotlight. This blog is going to become the liaison between bloggers and authors. I want to promote new authors, or undiscovered authors because we are, in a sense, a huge community. I believe it is time to give the attention to those who also deserve it, yet were unlucky enough not to be shot straight into the mainstream of readers, unlike Cassandra Clare, Sara Raasch, and countless of others.

So if you believe in my efforts, follow my blog, recommend some authors, share this link!

Until next time,