Let me give you a little background of the past few days before I relay to you all the important decision I have made as a reviewer.

Two hot and sunny days ago, on a Sunday, I started reading Kasie West.

I consider this the best decision I have made for my heart in a while, and yet the worst decision for my already sleep-deprived body! 😛

I must confess Kasie West was my first Contemporary Romance novel writer. (I was never quite interested in the genre before) Yet, for some unknown reason I was pulled to this On The Fence by Kasie West. After taking six hours to read it, I was hooked. And NOT in a healthy way, I immediately went out and bought another one of her novels: The Distance Between Us. And after four more amazing and heart wrenching hours, I could not wipe the smile off my face, and I KNEW, I KNEW, I needed more contemporary romance novels. So I went out and bought more. Your assumption is correct, I became an addict.

I guess I am still on that contemporary romance high, because I needed to write reviews for all the books I read and give them 5 stars! That is when I realized that I could not give all these books 5 stars because I need to wait until the novelty of the genre wears off. So here is my solution, instead of giving the many books I read the past few days a perfect review, I am going to wait a while and let the books sit and collect dust (figuratively speaking, considering they are electronic 😀 ).

Well, now you may be thinking,  “Paige, why are you writing a post about this… it has no purpose and it just gives me one more email to read in my busy, fancy, fabulous life!”

The truth is, you may not find this important, but as a reviewer I feel that is my obligation to let you all know what is going on on my side of the screen. I want to let my readers know that I am not going to give books 5 stars unless they deserve it. And at this time I am unable to give an objective review about the books I have just read and I feel as if I would be cheating anyone who actually reads the reviews for the novelty and value of my opinion.

So until next time,