Rating:  4 Bright and Shiny Stars out of 5

Book: The Agency by Jessica Page

Published by: World Castle Publishing on July 15, 2014

Genre(s): Romance, Supernatural,

Pages: 124

Format: PDF

Source: I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Summary from GoodReads 

HARPER ANDREWS, is a mind reader who has no idea how or why she is the way she is. After being saved by Agent Reid Doyle from a vampire attack she is introduced to a secret world guarded and protected by the Supernatural Enforcement and Control Agency (SECA). A world where vampires, werewolves and mages are normal and humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Things are not perfect but she finds herself thriving and feeling at home for the first time in her life.
AGENT REID DOYLE, is a vampire who likes his solitude so the last thing he wanted when he saved Harper was to have to spend more time with her. The fact that he’s attracted to her is inconvenient and he resents having to be responsible for someone else. Losing another loved one is out of the question and he intends to avoid it at all cost.
Both Harper and Reid can’t seem to turn off their attraction for one another and love, sex and blood has a way of complicating things quickly in their world. They need to stay focused and find out who’s responsible for the vampire caused human murders with additional internal and external threats working against them. Choices will be made to protect the things and people they love, choices that will change everything, including each other.

I know what you’re thinking, “ANOTHER vampire story???” Well, that is what I thought too, BEFORE I read the book.

In fact, this book is quite amazing! It’s main focus isn’t on the “Vampire” aspect, instead it is on the romance between Harper and Reid, and Harper’s development in the Agency.

The author, even spends a few pages re-writing the rules of Vampires, that is correct, she re-wrote what it means to be a vampire. And let me tell you –>It is soooo much better than the conventional definition.

Por Ejemplo:

Biting, Feeding, or really anything with blood to vampires, is more of a sexual activity. Which is perfect because it made for some perfectly heated moments in the book.

Alright, alright…I’m done talking about the VAMPIRES,  let’s talk about MAGES. that is correct; magical beings with magical powers! Sounds silly, but Jessica Page does a surprisingly great job writing with maturity and adds a whole new side to the supernatural romance genre.

I was completely engrossed with the story. I turned each passing page with more and more anxiousness because I wanted…no… I needed to know how Harper Andrews would deal with the supernatural world and how she dealt withe the super sexy Reid!

Harper and Reid have a burning physical attraction that will only make you wish you had HALF of the steamy motivations and sexual encounters as they do.

Jessica Page used this first book to introduce the agency (an awesome supernatural group to control supernaturals) and the characters and love interests and towards the end she set up the stage for the second book in this series that my gut tells me will be written with a many action scenes.

Which lends me to say I am psyched to have read this book, it is one of those interesting, hot, quick reads that was just perfect for my summer. So, stop reading this review, and go out and get it!

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