Hello Fantabulous Readers! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by AryaTheFangirl !





The Liebster Award is an award given to new bloggers that have been nominated by other bloggers that have enjoyed reading/seeing the work of others! What is absolutely amazing about this award is the fact that its by bloggers for bloggers. So I get to nominate someone else as well 🙂 My nominations and the rules are located at the bottom of this post!

In order to accept my nomination I have to answer 11 questions AryaTheFangirl has asked me… so here it goes!
What is your favorite book currently?

GOD! Just like Arya, my preferences are constantly changing. At the moment… I am still really liking Olivia’s Choice.
What book does everyone else love but you?

I know I will get a lot of hate for this answer, but Harry Potter. I never really got into the series although when I was younger that was all anyone could ever talk about.
What book has the prettiest cover?

Red Queen. I just wrote a Waiting on Wednesday post for that book… I love the simplicity and the colors!!
What is your favorite genre? Why?

This changes too haha. At the moment I love YA and New Adult. I think I like these genres because my real life is just so hectic that I find the light-heartedness of the books very refreshing.
What theme in books are you totally over?

Love triangles! I am totally over them!! I am the type of woman that just needs to read about 1 girl finding the right and only 1. I feel love triangles take away so much from plot lines!! (EXCEPT The Kiss of Deception had a great love triangle)
Who is your favorite author?

Favorite author? Gah, I don’t want to answer this! In my line of work I get to work with authors all of the time and I have met some amazingly nice authors whose writing isn’t up my alley and others who quite honestly have brutish personalities with the most elegant writing!

So with great reluctance… My favorite author at the moment is Theresa Ragan a.k.a T.R. Ragan.
Bookish pet peeve?

Not finishing in one sitting. If I am interrupted while reading a book it takes me WAY too long before I can start reading it again! It is an odd little quirk, isn’t it? Haha, I have been like that for as long as I can remember.
What genre do you wish you read more of?

Crime/Mystery books. I read a few, but definitely not as much as I would like!
Physical book or ebook?

I prefer Physical books. Mainly because one day I WILL BUILD A HOME LIBRARY that will have every book I have ever read and ever will read. Unfortunately, that dream will have to remain a dream. I only read ebooks now, they are cheaper and I can get my hands on them faster.
Biggest turn off in a book?

When everything works out for the main character and there are no plot hills. Por ejemplo: I read this one book (I never reviewed it because I don’t think I can give a book 0 stars…) The main characters were lost in a desert and they just stumbled on a fully loaded jeep with a full tank of gas and water and food and guns… WTF? The author literally handed the characters everything. They didn’t have to struggle for even a page throughout the entire book.
Favorite theme in a book?

Characters that have to suffer together. Whenever the plot dives into a hole I want the main character to be with someone and not alone. Is that a little weird? Haha

Okay! Those were some seriously intense questions!!

Although the bloggers I am nominating are already popular, I feel that they just need even MORE recognition!

My nominated bloggers are:



The questions you two must answer are:

1. Favorite Author?

2. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

3. Top 10 Books?

4. Top 5 favorite bloggers?

5. Favorite Drink?

6. Most embarrassing moment of your life?

7. Favorite Publishers?

8. Where do you get most of your books from?

9. What are a few tips you would like to give to aspiring new bloggers?

10. What were you doing right before you started to answer these questions?

11. What is the next book on your TBR list?


If you were nominated, here are the rules:

Thank whoever nominated you. Answer the 11 questions and nominate another new blogger, or two, and give them a set of 11 questions. Then, let them know on their blog as a comment that they were nominated and leave a link to your post.


That’s All!

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