I have to get this out! I have been holding this confession in for weeks, and I feel that it is finally time to come clean.

I hate spamming authors.

I get emails from authors sending me the most generic non-sincere emails and it fuels my anger! Some will say, “Dear, Blogger” others won’t even have an introduction!

Really? I review books and work with authors to not only help advertise their work but to build relationships. I take my personal time, away from family, work, and free time to try and keep up with this. I don’t expect much. Is it too much to ask that you address me by my name rather than reviewer or blogger?

As a reviewer, I will only accept the books that I either find very interesting or where the author has been friendly. First impressions are key. If I accept a book to review from an indie-author who has given me a generic email, I am not as excited to help advertise. Instead, I feel furious that I have to help someone who wouldn’t give me the time of day rather that review a book from another author who took the time to look at my blog, learn my name, etc…

I’ve said it hundreds of times and I will say it again, this is a community. Sharing is a big part of it.

Well, that is my ranty-confession…

Until Next Time,